Woody the Waler

The Mudgeeraba Light Horse Museum provides your school group with a range of experiences that are aligned with the Australian History Curriculum. The Museum can provide stimulating learning experiences.  Click here for our 2014 programs.

Past in the present

This State Heritage listed building provides a rare glimpse into early farming life on the Gold Coast. Students can readily compare life in the 1800s, in particular the kitchen which has been faithfully restored, with today’s lifestyle.


Community Remembrance

Flag raising ceremonies with authentic rifle firing is a great way for students to experience just part of the military tradition. The ANZAC spirit is kept alive through personal stories and displays of memorabilia. Click here for more information on our year 3 excursion.

World War I 

The museum collection focuses on the Australian Light Horse during the period 1914-1919 and includes an impressive array of artifacts such as saddlery, photographic images, and important campaign maps.  Click on year for information on year 3 or year 9 excursions.

Worlds War 2 through to Modern Conflicts

The museum collection included items from World War 2 including conflicts in Korea, Borneo and Vietnam, as well as artifacts dating to 1972. A special museum collection is ‘Nasho’s Corner’ which includes a collection of uniforms and artefacts relating to Australian National Service – a period of conscription that ran from the early 1950’s through to 1972.  Click here for more information.

Live Demonstrations

Excursions include live demonstrations of horseback Tent Pegging and Flag Raising Ceremony with Firing party.  Both these events add great interest to an excursion day.

Open Days

Find out about Museum Open Days for schools – another option for shorted format excisions.  These are fixed dates and are designed around Commemoration Days like ANZAC Day, Declaration WW! centenary, Beersheba day, and Remembrance Day.  Click here for more information.

Facilities Available

  • Schmidt Farmhouse, Stables, Barn
  • Light Horse Museum
  • Outdoor and indoor eating areas
  • Toilet facilities
  • Barbeque available on request
  • Parking is freely available for both coach and car
  • Schmidt Farmhouse and barn are wheelchair accessible


Cost: Excursions start at $7/student.

Requesting a tour

For bookings please call Brian Berwistle on 0418 157 230 or email