New WW1 Technology meets old


Interesting photo in the museum’s collection. Sadly the story that goes with the photo is not known. The description reads ‘Tank lost at Gaza’.

The following photo sheds a little more light …
‘Disabled tank of ours – disabled on 18th April 1917 at Sampson’s Hill near Gaza.’

This was the second Gaza battle. Six tanks had been sent from France, but were too widely scattered to be much use.

It was early days in tank warfare, so their tactics hadn’t quite been sorted. Tanks were one of the technologies that eventually replaced the war horse.

The horse and changing technology of Australia as a new nation facing WW1 is one of areas our education program for year six students addresses.

Some more information from one of the museum researchers …

The name of the tank was HMLS Nutty,  (His Majesty’s Land Ship). It was trapped on what was known as ‘Tank Redoubt’ between Beer Trench and Atawineh Redoubt (a redoubt is a fortification).  The tank was intended as mobile light artillery

– – .Perhaps it was meant as a replacement for the Light Horse?

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