School Excursion Open Days

mlhm excursions06The museum has scheduled a number of School Excursion open days throughout the year as an excursion alternative.  This provides a one and a half hour excursion visit to the museum, but can accommodate up to 100 students at the one time. The prices is just $7 per student.

The open day program includes

Dates for Open Days

Dates proposed for Open Days are as follows: Many have been chosen around a significant WWI Centenary Dates.  Select a date and contact the museum to see if its available – make sure you don’t miss out on an important date!

  • Thur 20 March 2014
  • Wed 23 April 2014  Special ANZAC commemoration
  • Thur 1 May 2014     Special ANZAC commemoration
  • Mon 4 August 2014 Special WWI Declaration of War Centenary
  • Thur 11 September 2014
  • Fri 31 October 2014 Beersheba Day Commemoration
  • Thur 6 November 2015 Remembrance Day Commemoration

Session times:

Choose from one of the following times for you school:

  • 8.45 am
  • 10.45 am
  • 12:45 pm

 Overview topics for year levels

The following show indicative topics to be covered for each year level:

Year 3

  • ANZAC Artefacts
  • Beersheba Battle
  • Caring for the wounded
  • Weapons
  •  Horses
  •  Life on a Dairy Farm during WWI

Year 9: World War I

  • ANZAC Artefacts
  • Beersheba Battle
  • Trench logistic
  • Weapons
  • Horses
  • Women’s Role in WWI

Year 10. WW2 and Modern Conflicts

  •  WW2 weaponry
  • Signals  & Communications
  • National Service
  • Vietnam and Jungle warfare
  • Troop Rations
  • Horses in WW2

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