Digital Storytelling Excursions

mlhm excursions13Digital Storytelling excursions are an exciting new feature of the Mudgeeraba Light Horse Museum.  This programs are based not he ‘History in Place’ Program developed by the History Teachers Association of Victoria, Heritage Victoria and Culture Victoria.

These days are provided for year 9 and 10, and is a  is a full day at the museum.  Students bring tablet devices along and spend the day creating a movie to tell the story of ANZACs and conflicts that Australia has been involved in.

Students are given opportunities to film live demonstrations and interview volunteers about their service in the armed forces, and understanding of the various conflicts.  No prior experience is required in movie making by students or teachers.  Instructions are provided as part of the day on movie making tools and constructing a digital story.

The day also includes  a ‘poet’s corner’.


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