School excursion programs at the museum

Anzacs and the Light Horse


The museum has put together a fabulous booklet for primary school students called ‘Anzacs and the Light Horse’. The booklet is only available at the museum. It’s a great classroom resource and a memento of the Anzac Centenary for students. The Anzacs booklet is provided Free to all  primary students attending excursions. The booklet contains puzzles, poems, […]

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New WW1 Technology meets old


Interesting photo in the museum’s collection. Sadly the story that goes with the photo is not known. The description reads ‘Tank lost at Gaza’. The following photo sheds a little more light … ‘Disabled tank of ours – disabled on 18th April 1917 at Sampson’s Hill near Gaza.’ This was the second Gaza battle. Six […]

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Year Three ANZAC Commemorations Excursion Resources

mlhm excursions03

The link below will take you to some great resources to help students make the most of their visit. These are suitable for classes, or individual students, at home or school. Click Excursion Resources Enjoy your visit to the Mudgeeraba Light Horse Museum

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Year 3 – Commemorations Excursion: Community and Remembrance

The Commemorations Excursion program for year three is all go from the moments students arrive.  They have a ball! The program was awarded a National Trust Qld Silver Community Award in 2013 and was funded by the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF). The programs is engaging and hands on for year 3 students and is […]

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Year 10 History World War 2 to Vietnam – Digital Storytelling excursion

The museum is putting together a digital storytelling excursion: ‘Year 10 history World War 2 to Vietnam’.  They are looking to schools to pilot the excursion during 2014. Students spend the day at the museum learning about World War 2, National Service and Vietnam through demonstrations and artefacts.  Students work in groups to create digital stories – short […]

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Year 9 – WWI history: A digital storytelling excursion

The museum has put together a digital storytelling excursion for year nine entitled ‘Telling the ANZAC story. Students spend the day at the museum learning about World War I ANZACs and Light horse through demonstrations and artefacts.  Students work in groups to create digital stories – short movies on their tablet devices, and show them […]

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Digital Storytelling Excursions

Digital Storytelling excursions are an exciting new feature of the Mudgeeraba Light Horse Museum.  This programs are based not he ‘History in Place’ Program developed by the History Teachers Association of Victoria, Heritage Victoria and Culture Victoria. These days are provided for year 9 and 10, and is a  is a full day at the […]

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School Excursion Open Days

mlhm excursions06

The museum has scheduled a number of School Excursion open days throughout the year as an excursion alternative.  This provides a one and a half hour excursion visit to the museum, but can accommodate up to 100 students at the one time. The prices is just $7 per student. The open day program includes Flag […]

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Flag Raising and Firing Party

Firing party1133

An exciting part of pre booked excursions and tour visits to the museum is the Flag Raising and Firing Party.  Things really go off with a BANG!  Don’t worry, its all perfectly safe – blank cartridges are used, but it really adds a thrill to the day’s experience.

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Live Tent Pegging Demonstrations

mlhm excursions10

Light Horse tent pegging dates back to the Boer War and the Mounted Rifles.  The Horsemen would ride through the enemy camp in the middle of the night and remove the pegs from the tents where soldiers were sleeping. The tents would collapse on the sleeping enemy causing chaos. The enemy didn’t have a chance, […]

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