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Janis Hanley is a business and policy analyst with a special interest in heritage and community education. She is director of VisionDesign Pty Ltd and Ed Program Design.

Missing memorial

Proposed Boer War Memorial for ANZAC Parade

There is a wide boulevard in Canberra that runs from the war memorial in a direct line towards parliament house, just stopping short at Lake Burley-Griffin.  It is called ANZAC Parade, and it contains memorials dedicated to the Australians and others,  who participated or gave their lives in the conflicts Australia has participated in.  Memorials […]

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Light Horse Memorial

Light Horse War Memorial. Photo from ANZAC day memorials - http://www.anzacday.org.au/education/tff/memorials/alh/

This Light Horse memorial displays a plaque showing a poem written about the light horsemen returning to Australia without their mounts.Click here link to the Light Horse memorial. ‘This memorial is dedicated to the Australian light horsemen and their mounts. The poem refers to WW1 and is inspired by the feelings of Australian light horsemen, […]

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What do you know about the slouch hat?

Hat with emu feathers

Although believed to be uniquely Australian, similar styles of slouch hats were used by many other countries long before it was part of the Australian military uniform. The first Aussie users of the hats were soldiers fighting the Boer War when there was a severe shortage of helmets. The simple khaki felt hat was chosen […]

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School Activities for the national history curriculum

Woody the Waler

Exciting plans are afoot to develop activities for school groups, directly tailored to the new national history curriculum. Rumour has it that ‘Woody the Waler’ will be  helping us with some activites around the past in the present for Grade two and below.  Woody might also be helping us with remembrance, with a porogram for […]

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State heritage listed Schmidt Farmhouse

Web site is go! Our new website is up and running.  Yay!  Make sure you follow our website as it grows and develops.  The vision is that it develops into a storehouse of historical information, images and educational resources relating to the museum and the Light Horse.  Drop by – have a browse and a […]

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