Learn what heroes are made of ...

You might be surprised about the many different ways courage has been shown in the field. It doesn't always involve weapons, but always takes strength, compassion and determination.

World War I Centenary School Open Days

To help cater with demand from schools, with the ANZAC centenary starting in 2014 with the 100 year anniversary of the declaration of World War 1, the museum is offering school Open days. These are short format programs for 90 minutes. They include tent pegging demonstrations, flag raising and a museum overview appropriate to the year level. The open days are planned around significant days. Click on title or photo above for datas and times planned.

Book now for 2016 School Excursions

An excellent range of excursions are available, specially designed to align with the Australian History Curriculum: - Year 3 Commemorations - Year 6 Myth busting the Anzac Legends - Year9 World War I Battles - Year 10 World War 2 to Vietnam. Excursions are action packed and include live demonstrations of horseback tent pegging (weather permitting). There are also digital storytelling options for years 9 and 10. Book now for 2014. Places are limited. Click on photo above for details.